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Recruitment of students is changing. 9 out of 10 students find a job online , we have to keep up with the trends.

Fledglings has been around since 2000. Set up by a placement student to help other students gain valuable work experience, we have been tirelessly working with The National Council for Work Experience (NCWE) , ASET, Universities and Employers to provide a dedicated Work Experience Website and to help improve the industry for all.

You, their University, plays a key role in this process and we are here to help you with this hugely important role.

Fledglings Jobsite offers University Staff FREE online services to help place your students. You can view the latest jobs online or by email, access your students’ CVs and Profile which they are using to apply and see how the site is helping them with the placement process.

We aim to make the recruitment and retention of students easier for Employers. To provide more information about work experience, the Industry and to introduce student to good quality Employers. And finally give Universities back the communications which you have lost with the increase of online recruitment.

We already work with 800 University Placement Staff nationwide, for more information about how we can help You and your students, please contact Our Team on 0207 378 4916

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