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What kind of caller are you?

What kind of caller are you?
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A home phone line is a gateway to the world. With billions of people connected to the worldwide communications network, you can call almost anyone at any time. But realistically, you probably won't.

You'll call family and friends, maybe do some home chores like telephone banking, maybe call some businesses for information and so on.
So it's worth working out what kinds of calls you mostly make before you decide on a phone service. Telephone companies have a number of different packages designed to suit different types of callers, so if you pick the right deal you could end up paying a discounted rate for your calls, or even getting some of them for free.

So what type of caller are you?

Quality over quantity: If the majority of your calls are to a small group of acquaintances, then a plan that allows you a discount on certain dedicated numbers is best for you. There are plans - which are either free from the phone service or charge a small monthly fee - that allow you to nominate specific numbers that you plan on calling regularly where you will get a discount on the call charges.

After work: If your week is fixed on a nine to five and then you make your calls when you get home, then it's not going to matter too much how much peak time calls are going to cost if your off-peak, which normally comprises evenings and weekends, are low, or even free. Some providers will now let you pay a small monthly subscription that allows you free calls to residential landlines during off-peak times.

All day every day: If you're at home during the day and plan on using the phone a lot, for example if you work from home regularly, then call charges can quickly stack up if you're on the wrong package. As with the off peak plans, some providers will offer a subscription based package that allows you free or heavily discounted calls during the day.

World traveller: Having family or close friends overseas can lead to heavy phone bills, but as more and more people want to make cheap international calls from home, providers have come up with some deals that give you far cheaper call charges. Often these come in the form of an add-on subscription to your standard service, where a monthly charge will be levied in return for cheaper calls.

Everyone's everywhere: Most of the packages that offer cheap or discounted call costs are only available for calls to landlines. But with seemingly everyone now in possession of a mobile phone, then it's worth considering how many of these calls you are likely to make. As with international services, there are providers that offer add-ons for a monthly fee that will reduce each call charge for cheap mobile phone calls.

While all of these services may be absolutely vital, depending on your needs, don't forget the basics. If you regularly need to call 0800 numbers, for example, you'll find that they are free with some providers but costly with others. The same goes for voicemail services, or caller ID. It's worth really understanding what you need before you make your choice.

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